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 Periodontal (Gum) Treatment


Pink Aesthetics

Diş implantı

Dental Implant Surgery

gülüş tasarımı bağlantı görseli.

Smile Design

laimne diş kaplama bağlantı görseli

Laminated Tooth Veneer

diş beyazlatma bağlantı görseli

Teeth whitening

ortodonti redavi bağlantı görseli


botoks uygulamaları bağlantı görseli

Botox Applications


Botox Applications

ZeOs Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2127 Cad. No:11/A Çankaya/ANKARA  |  Tel: +90 552 507 93 67

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  After long researches abroad, I reached Osman Bey. I had non-aesthetic fillings in the anterior region and I was not satisfied with the appearance of my gums. At first I had gum treatment. Then 10 sheets of porcelain were made. I got a much more beautiful and natural smile than I expected. I also recommended it to my other relatives abroad. Thank you very much Osman Bey and his team. You can come with peace of mind.

F. Yilmaz

  As a result of the examination I went to for toothache, he stated that the root canal treatment was appropriate with his reasons. We quickly started the first session of the treatment. It's pretty short and hassle free. I did not encounter any negative situation during the examination and treatment process. Thanks to him and his team.


  Since my 20-year-old teeth affected my orthodontic treatment, I wanted to have them extracted. I had 2 impacted wisdom teeth and was worried. He pulled my teeth in much less time than I expected. Our teacher is really confident and smiling. 

V. Turan

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